Mae Boyar Park

Life was like magic in Mae Boyar Park
To a boy, its wonders lay bare
Climbing the trees, watching butterflies float through the air

Freshly cut grass on a warm summer day
The sweet smell of jasmine at night
The kiss of a cool summer breeze, so fragrant and light

The world was a blur on the merry go ‘round
An’ the swings where we flew through the air
An’ now that I’m grown I am looking back, wondering

Where is that boy
Running and trying to fly in a life without chains
The wind blows through time
An’ I hear him calling my name

Summertime wading at Mae Boyar pool
Water balloon fights on the lawn
Racing each other when we heard the ice cream man’s song

The carousel spins through a whirlwind of time
Life starts to turn us around
My knuckles turn white clinging on to the merry go ‘round

Where is that boy
Fun and adventure are mine if I take the chance
I hear him calling to wake me up out of this trance

Autumn leaves blowing through Mae Boyar Park
With footballs we fought for each down
Boys growin’ up into men between stripes on the ground

The carousel spun through its circle of time
I learned how to master the game
And now that I’m grown I am looking back, knowing that

I’m still that boy
Living in my golden hour under the sun
Standing unbroken everything’s here to be won

So here I am standing in Mae Boyar Park
It may not be like yesterday
It’s different through my older eyes, but the children still play

The carousel still spins its whirlwind of time
Life may get dizzier each year
But now there’s a smile on my face, because I know that

I’m still that boy
Living in my golden hour under the sun
Standing unbroken
Everything’s here to be won---now that

I’ve reconciled
The boy and the man look at life
Through each other’s eyes
On the carousel laughing
Taking the ride of our lives


Steve Kramer: Songwriter

Byron Fry: Guitars, Bass, Mandolin, Recorder, Arrangement, Production, Engineering and Mix

Larry Antonino: Vocals

Dan Potruch: Drums

Melinda Gibson: Mastering


I ran into this site bi-accident, I'm glad I did, really nice music

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