Girls of DeMille

I woke up this morning with a feeling
Back from the days when it was it was all brand new
The girls of DeMille, I love you
You pick me up when I'm feeling blue

First there was Cookie and Jamie
Teresa and Dana were always close by
I didn't know then, but every now and again
You'd bring a tear to me eye

It's been such a long time since I've seen ya
And I often wonder if you think of me
Girls of DeMille, I miss ya
Is that the way it's gotta be

What ever happened to Karen and Beasley
Cindy and Cathy, I just don't know
We drifted away and I'm sorry to say
We lost what we had long ago

When are we gonna get it together
And laugh about all the things that we've done
Remember those days and then find some new ways
To have more good times in the sun


Steve Kramer: Songwriter, Guitars

Eric Potruch: Vocals and Keyboards

Jack Kramer: Drum programming

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